We strengthen and empower survivors of trauma as they rebuild.

We provide affordable access to uniquely designed exercise programs to help survivors rebuild their lives, and to mitigate the effects of abuse on the brain, body, and spirit. 


We work with professionals in the fitness industry to design unique programs for survivors. Exercise is essential to alleviating the harmful physical, psychological, and emotional effects of abuse. 


See what we're doing to spread awareness on how trauma impacts brain health, and how exercise can aid recovery and boost brain function.

Our programs embody a distinct culture of connectedness, and meet rigorous criteria for physical, mental, and emotional safety. Survivors are encouraged and supported by our staff and partners. 


We use our platform to provide accurate information to the general public about Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence and its risk factors, consequences, and prevention strategies.

Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence is a persistent and costly public health issue for women, men, and children.

1 in 4 women

have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner. 


Nearly half of all women and men in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime.



The annual cost to U.S. society each year in medical fees, lost productivity, and criminal justice fees. 


 The estimated number of people between the ages of 15-44 that seek treatment for a traumatic brain injury due to an assault each year. This is just the number of reported cases.​

Linking Exercise + Post-Trauma Brain Health

Ashley Swanson is a fighter…Inspired by her personal experience and her background in science, Swanson is now reaching out to other victims of domestic violence with Hit Reset.

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