Fitness & Exercise Program

We work with professionals in the fitness industry to develop a unique exercise program for survivors. All of our partners meet rigorous standards to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional safety of our program's participants.    

Holistic Approach to Wellness

Survivors need more than just the physical benefits of exercise. We

believe in the importance of environments that promote body-positivity and sound emotional health. 

Safe &


We limit information about our partnerships to ensure survivors are safe. All partners take a mandatory Domestic Violence education and training course, and must adhere to our confidentiality guidelines.



Survivors are placed in programs with a distinct community component. Healthy social engagement is a key component to helping survivors rebuild and reconnect with others.

Eligibility: Classes are currently available for women only, ages 18 and up.


Physical requirements: All participants should be cleared to exercise by a physician. Our program can accommodate all physical fitness levels and ranges of experience. 

Financial Assistance: We are able to provide financial assistance based on each individual's need. 

Getting Started:

Survivors, we're ready to help you rebuild. Please contact us to learn about our program's requirements, expectations, and how to apply.

We Can Help.

We provide survivors of abuse with affordable access to fitness classes that will get their heart pumping, relieve stress, and give them a boost of endorphins that will make it easier to get through the recovery process. 

If you are a survivor of abuse, we offer an opportunity for you to step outside the exhausting daily grind, where you don't have to think about how difficult it is to get through the work day, how draining therapy sessions are, and how defeated, tired, or overwhelmed you may feel. When you join our programs you're immediately welcomed into a safe and supportive community of people that have like-minded goals and aspirations. They too want to be empowered, strengthened, and healthy. Classes will give you a mental break and allow you to take that time to breathe, refocus, rebuild, and reset. It's worth a try.